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If you want a true off-road caravan look out for features like high ground clearance, independent suspension and a fully-galvanized chassis. Atlas Direct’s caravans have all this and more. They also feature off-road tires and protective checker plate around the base of the van and water tanks. Off-road is about heading off the beaten track with ease and confidence.

The caravan chassis and suspension are key to a caravan’s off-road capability. Look for a robust, heavy-duty chassis made from durable materials such as hot-dipped galvanized steel to prevent corrosion in New Zealand’s coastal environments. The suspension system should be designed to handle round terrain, preferably with independent suspension for better articulation and stability. All Atlas Direct caravans feature a hot-dipped galvanized steel chassis and independent trailing arm suspension.

Atlas Direct’s caravans feature a tig-welded aluminum frame. These frames are lightweight, durable and resistant to corrosion. They provide a solid structure and can withstand New Zealand weather conditions without warping or deteriorating. Atlas Direct caravans also feature a seamless, one-piece wall construction, limiting entry points for water and decreasing the risk of leaks.


Peace of mind is knowing that you will have good after-sales and warranty support once the deal is done and the team at Road Life RV is happy to help with any questions, parts, or service inquiries you have. Atlas Direct caravans come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty – unless otherwise stated. For a full explanation of what this includes, check the warranty section at atlasdirect.co.nz

Teaming your off-road caravan up with the right tow vehicle is important for comfort and safety on the road. Most Atlas Direct vans are best teamed up with one of New Zealand’s popular ute or SUV brands – with a tow capacity of 3000 – 3500kg tow capacity. Having extra tow capacity up your sleeve is safer and results in a smoother towing experience.

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