Case Study: Holiday Where You Have Always Dreamed – No Matter The Conditions

It used to be that caravans and remote camping simply didn’t mix.

Between the rugged roads that lead to remote campsites and lack of power when you arrived, a vintage caravan just wasn’t up to the task.

Terry and Justine Gradon knew that first hand.

Long time caravaners and lovers of the wilderness, their vintage caravan wasn’t really up to the task any more. So, they sought a new offroad caravan from the team here at Atlas Direct.

And boy were they impressed! Find out how Terry and Justine are now able to get to those remote and rugged campsites, and how they do it in comfort and style.

Getting Away

Terry and Justine love to get away. But, the kind of holiday they loved was not really matching up with their vintage caravan. They love a holiday immersed in the wilderness. At a remote campsite where they can get back to nature.

But, they still wanted to enjoy some of the comforts of home, like being able to easily cook a warm meal at the end of the day and a comfortable, cosy place to sleep. The Sight Seeker HT-16 Aoraki caravan gave them all those things they wanted, and more!

Now, Terry and Justine can get away whenever they want (or when life allows!). Since buying their new caravan, not only have they travelled 7,000km circumnavigating most of the South Island, but they have also explored the North Island and visited family repeatedly. All thanks to the Sight Seeker!

Choosing The Right Offroad Caravan

Justine had seen Atlas Direct online and together they had watched video walkthroughs of a couple of the offroad caravan models that we stock. So, as they are relatively local, Terry and Justine came into our yard to see things in person.

“April gave us a really good run through everything. We’d already seen the caravans online, but it was helpful to see the demonstration in person and how everything worked.

The caravan we decided on was great and it was everything we were looking for. But, we decided to purchase it from Atlas Direct because, if we are really honest, we liked the people. We had a lot of questions, and they were only too happy to answer them all for us.

They were helpful and friendly at every step of the journey, right from that first interaction, through the updates while we waited for it to come into the country, and even the aftercare.”

Living The Offroad Life

“When we ordered our caravan, there was always going to be a challenge, as we were working to a set timeline. We had our South Island trip planned for early December, and we wouldn’t be able to go without our new caravan.

So, the Atlas Direct team stepped up, doing everything they could to get our caravan to us on time. And boy did they deliver! Both on the quality of the product and the service. We had a few teething issues when the caravan first arrived, and the Atlas Direct team tended to them every time, even coming up to Tairua to fix one problem for us.

The trip was amazing, thanks in large part to our new caravan. We can stay in our favourite offroad campsites, but do it in style. The solar power gives us constant electricity; we always have hot water, the ability to shower, a toilet, and the best part, a lovely comfortable bed.

We just came to rely on everything and wouldn’t be without our caravan now. There are so many things we love, that we simply can’t list them all!”

Life With An Offroad Caravan

“When we aren’t away, we miss being in our caravan. In fact, a few weeks ago, we left our caravan down in Tauranga at our daughter’s place. Last weekend, we had to go and pick it up because we missed it! We can’t wait to get away again and are always looking to plan our next trip (usually just after we’ve got back from one!).

Thanks to Atlas Direct and the Sight Seeker, we’ve taken trips we couldn’t have taken before. The new caravan is 300% warmer and cosier than our vintage version! It has a lovely heater, double glazed windows and it is so well insulated that we are always warm and dry. Heck, we even survived the January cyclone completely unscathed in the caravan!

We love that it is rugged and offroad and that we can now take the trips we’ve always dreamed of!”

Your New Caravan

Have you been thinking about whether now is the time to finally take those trips you’ve always wanted to take? Then, an offroad caravan or motorhome could be the solution you have been looking for.

Here at Atlas Direct, we have a huge range of caravans and motorhomes to suit all budgets and needs. You could go offroad like Terry and Justine or stick to the road well travelled in a motorhome – no matter the situation, you’ll do it in style with Atlas Direct.

But, don’t just take our word for it, be like Terry and Justine. “We are happy with the whole experience, and if you are looking to buy a caravan, there is no reason not to contact the Atlas Direct team. They are lovely people who always want to help. We have already given someone a reference as we’d love everyone to be able to have the kind of trips that Atlas Direct made possible with the Sight Seeker.” So, if you are dreaming of getting away and exploring any corner of New Zealand, get in touch with our team today and we can help you find the caravan or motorhome of your dreams.

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Case Study: Holiday Where You Have Always Dreamed – No Matter The Conditions